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What is Fiber?


Fibers are smallest part of a fabric, they are fine hair like sub stances, categorized either as natural or manmade (manufactured). It comes from Latin word Fibra*

Cooking and Textile are they linked ?


Making Clothes is a lot like Cooking, Textile or human made clothes or fabrics, are made up of many parts. The Dyes, Yarns, Threads, Fiber's come together to make one Finished Product.

Importance of Fiber in Textile!!


Fibers can define almost every aspect of a finished textile. So, if you want your textile to be something you're proud to present, you've got to start with the right ingredients.

This means they need to be strong enough to hold their shape, Flexible enough to be shaped into Fabric or Yarn, Elastic enough to stretch and Durable enough to Last. 

Fibers are incredibly important to textile production, but the first thing you need to know is this:


Not all Fibers are suitable for Textile, Textile Fibers are those which have properties that allow them to be Spun into Yarn or directly made into Fabric 

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